My cat Catherine was given a dose of metacam o.17mls to assist with mega colon and then an enema. The following day given a dose of antibiotic called veconia 0.48 mls. Tooke her home that day and she looked so listless, could not lift head. Not drinking  water or eating. Took her back to vet next day abd she vomited on the table. Also very dehydrated. Four hours later advised that she had ARF, vet said it was idiopathetic? Yeah sure. Do you know if both these drugs should have been used concurrently with each other and also now that I have found this website I am now very concerned. If vets know this info why use a potentially fatal drug. Cathy still on IV fluids and vet wanted to give up after one afternoon on IV. Think I may have to change practice. We are still fighting for her all the way.  

Best Regards