Dear Dave,
I wish I had read your site before using metacam. My 20year old cat was put to sleep on  Sunday 6th July 08. Two weeks ago after only two doses of oral metacam on one third of the regular dose she started throwing up and I took her to the vets every day for fluids and antibiotics but she eventually started passing orange urine and had raised liver enzymes. She stopped eating three days before she passed..Ironically she had been in liver failure 6wks before and had recovered and her liver enzymes had returned to normal. Knowing CBs history of  having had a liver problem I am shocked the vet prescribed this  drug but I trusted her at the time and the risks were not pointed out.I am heartbroken. I live in the UK Incidentally she wanted me to continue metacam on my 10year old cat but i withdrew it after reading your site and the cat has now stopped throwing up.

I spoke to another vet in the practice today and told her that i believe metacam is dangerous and killed my cat and all she said was they used it because of cb's arthritis pain.and that she used it on her cat. Their whole attitude to me has changed because i am questioning their metacam drug but i know i am right.

Incidentally the vet who prescribed metacam to c.b said she had checked with well known vet at the Newmarket animal health trust,  and he said it would be ok to use metacam on C.B.
I shall be writing to him with my concerns about metacam .
He apparently is promoting the virtues of the metacam drug at vetrinary conferences.

Thank you for  your website.