My cat Cleopatra had urinary stones.  For comfort the vet prescribed Metacam.  They gave me 10 pre-filled syringes (oral) for each day.  After the dosing, she became lethargic, wasnít eating, hovering over the water dish but wouldnít drink.  The initial vet appointment I was told she just didnít feel good, maybe had a cold.  That evening she was worse, took her in for bloodwork.  Did not get the results until the following day, to which I was told her kidneys were failing.  Took her in for a days worth of IVís, xrayís, urinalysis and everything else they do.  That evening I was told her quality of life was less than 10% so I euthanized her. 


What a horrible thing to know that you contributed to the death of your own beloved baby.   These vets should know better, that is what we pay THEM for.