Hi Dave,
I've just read through your website and am so sad that I didn't find it before my cat was prescribed metacam oral suspension for pain relief after breaking two metatarsal bones in his paw. We didn't know any better and were giving him more than the dose on the label as we misread the instructions. They were given to us vaguely at the clinic without proper informed consent and caution. My cat stopped eating and lost weight. Our vet gave us appetite stimulants and more metacam. We thought he was depressed and in shock from the injury. We told them shortly after that he was peeing and drinking lots of water. They had us bring him in, test his blood and urine and YES, he had kidney damage....permanent...I might add. So, his break is still healing 3 months later and his cast won't come off for another month as a result. Healing bones takes longer with kidney damage. Now for the brutal part, our vet bills have been outrageous, he needs regular doses of subcutaneous fluids, special food, vet checks and xrays because it has taken so long for the bones to heal. The fluids they say will need to continue for the rest of his life in order to prevent deterioration of his kidney functions. All of this has happened because the vet sent us home with a pain medication that should never have been prescribed for the cat. After doing a little research many months later, I've learned that I'm not alone and really PISSED OFF!
Apparently, this particular medication is not FDA approved for use in cats in Canada which means that I may have grounds to sue. I'm sending a formal complaint and report to the FDA, Metacam manufacturers, and will speak to a lawyer regarding the veterinary hospital.
Do you have any other recommendations or advice for me?
Sincerely, Ellen