Dear Dave,  

Thank you so much for your website it helped saved our cat Godfrey’s life.  Not only was he given metacam for arthritis pain they gave him twice the dosage.  After seven days of treatment he began acting lethargic, not eating or drinking water.  I took him to the same vet that prescribed the metacam and discovered that he had gone into acute renal failure.  His bun was 216, creatinine was 21.2 and phosphorus was 15.9.  They gave him subcutaneous fluids and told me there was nothing more they could do.  They sent him home to die.  My husband did some quick googling and found your website.  We immediately took Godfrey to the hospital where they started 24 hour IV fluid therapy at large rates with ampicillin and pepcid.  Within 35 hours his levels dropped: bun was 88, creatinine was 7 and phosphorus was normal at 6.8.  The following day his bun was 23 and creatinine was 2.4.   At this time they dropped the fluid levels to 50%.  His levels continued to drop with bun being a 12 and creatinine a 1.6.  Godfrey came home from the hospital after a 4 ½ day stay in the icu.  We take him back to the hospital on Friday to have his levels tested.  The doctor does not think that Godfrey will have any lasting damage due to the quick drop in his levels.  After hours of research my husband believes that Godfrey’s high protein diet (he eats chicken, fish, turkey) helped his body cope with the high levels of creatinine.  All I know is that we were granted a miracle.  Thank you again for starting your website and I hope that Godfrey’s story will give others hope.