Hi Dave, 

My cat, Happy Cat, died 4/7/2009 around 2 am. He had a scratch on his eye, the doctor opperated on it ( $1200. opperation ) and then gave me several medications to give him. One of which was METACAM. Several days before he died he bacome lythargic, wouldn't eat, and drank very litte. He was on Metacam for almost two weeks. He seemed to be in so much pain. I called the vet. that night before he died trying to figure what I could do for him. The vet. never returned my call.
About a month ago, I had another cat with an abcessed tooth. They operated on it and subscribed METACAM for him. My cat, ( Jabernaut ) died a short time afterwards. After Happy Cat died, I looked on the box of Metacam and it said "for dogs only" So I looked it up on the internet and found this site stating that Metacam kills cats. After reading several stories from the site I see that I'm in the company of many that have lost their beloved cats from using Metacam.
I miss my Jaubernaut sooo much, and now my Happy Cat is gone as well. After reading the horrible stories from the site I'm very upset at my vet. Has their been any leagle action taken against vets that subscribe Metacam for cats? Or would it just be a waist of time? I've not only thrown over $2000.00 down the drain, but more heartbreaking for me, I've lost two of my loved ones. Can you advise me on this matter.