I would like you to hear my story, I have a wolf x malamute(rescue dog) 5 years old, he was fine but had a bad leg so my vet gave me metacam.  He was on it for 2 days and my partner found him in the back yard making a nasty whining sound and noticed blood coming from his rectum.  We got him to the vet and the vet said that he crashed on them twice and called in the family but he was strong and lived.  He lost 1 1/2 pints of blood and was in the hospital from Friday to Sunday night.  We brought him home and his breathing was horrible so I sat with him under a steam tent to help him breathe.  At this time I figured he had phenomena, went to the vets the next day and they wanted him to stay and put a barium dye through him..  Low and behold his whole inside is now full of ulcers and he was in such pain it was sickening.  It is now the next Friday and he has ate maybe 2 crackers and has no appetite, lots of drugs though to keep him pain free and anti biotic.  I am very pissed at this company as they just about killed my dog. 

 I hope everyone reads this and is very careful



Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada