My cat is currently fighting for his life after being given Metacam.  He had a growth removed from his mouth and was given Metacam for pain management.  He was doing fine for several days after his surgery, and then the decline in his health was rapid.  My cat, Jax, is only 4.5 years old.  I have been racking my brain to try and figure out what went wrong.  I just came across this website and wonder if Metacam is to blame.  I am certainly going to present this information to my vet, who by the way has been great, and see if he has had previous cats experience renal failure as a result of Metacam.  Any suggestions on what I can do?  Feedback would be appreciated


I contacted the manufacturer and they took the report.  My cat was sent home today.  He was in the vet since last Wednesday.  His Creatinin and BUN are still not completely back to normal, but they are almost there.  The vet expects him to make a full recovery.  They sent me home with 12 cans of Prescription Diet moist food in hopes he will start to eat.  I am to give him daily sub-q fluids for 1 week and antibiotic drops until gone for the ulcerations in his mouth. 
I talked to my vet about the Metacam and he agreed it was likely the cause of his ARF.  However, he stated he uses Metacam all the time and has never had a cat react the way mine did.  Hard to know if that is the truth...I tend to believe him.
They were very accommodating on the vet bills and it was obvious they didn't charge me for everything they could have.  In addition, they gave a small discount as well. 
I am supposed to bring him back for more bloodwork in 1-2 weeks....we will set up the time after a couple of days of being at home.  I will still never use Metacam ever again, but I will also be spreading the word to as many people about the danger of the drug!