Unfortunately, I was unaware of what metacam was until after my cat went in for a routine spay.  Four days after coming home from the vet she was in kidney failure.  She was in the hospital for 4 days and when she came home she was doing well, until about the 3rd day, when she again became lethargic.  I took her in for subcutaneous fluids yesterday.  I took her in today for her re-check, but shes doing ok, but not back to her old self yet.  I wish I would have known before.  The vet said she might send us home with subcutaneous fluids if she lapses again.  Im out almost $1000 (which I would spend above and beyond if I have the money to save her little life), but I cant afford it.  Shes on a prescription diet for the rest of her life due to permanent kidney damage and I might still lose her.  

Thank you for the information.  I just wish I had it earlier.


update 4/3/09

Hi Dave,

 She is doing better.  She still isnt eating much, but more than she was a few days ago.  I received a call from my vet with her phosphorous results.  Theyve gone back to normal, but her potassium is low, so my vet is looking for supplements for her.

 She is finally out an about in the house.  Its the best she has looked in two weeks.  Im still monitoring all her food and water intake.  Until she starts eating normally again Im afraid shell relapse, but all in all she looks much better.  I thought I was going to lose her.