I took him in yesterday for the blood test to be done and fluids to be given to him
and I called them this morning and around 8 and she said he looked ok. THe vet just called me and told me the blood tests everything was failing and he just passed away. Now my cats dead because of this vet didnt do his homework on a drug that clearly said DO NOT USE IN CATS. I got charged like $700 for a surgery to help my cat and now he is dead and I didnt get to see him before he died. His kidneys failed. I had so much hope for him I wish I would of never done the surgery on him he was fine before I took him to the vet he limped a little bit but he was still alive. I dont think I should have to pay the full bill now that he's dead they way over medicated him thats why he died and every organ failed they were the ones who knew what they were doing not me I didnt go to school for this.