I had previously given Metacam to my 2 other cats knowing that it was an anti inflammatory drug after they had dental procedures performed. 
After my third cat, Kayla, a completely healthy 6 1/2 year old needed a tooth extracted, I pretty much did not question when given Metacam to administer orally to her at home. 
She was given one dose daily for three days. Progressively, she vomited everything she ate or drank, became anorexic and began to waste away as she dehydrated.
My cat was in RENAL FAILURE!!! After our Vet placed an IV and let us watch her at home for the weekend, we brought her to the office on Monday and required hospitalization for four days.
She now requires frequent Vet visits, Lab tests and Daily Subcutaneous fluids due to the Renal Failure. 
I will never, ever, give any of my animals Metacam ever again.

Thanks for your wonder drug, Boehringer Ingelheim!!!

Please pass my story on to others.
I would love to be able to prevent this from happening to anyone else.
Thank you,
Renee (and Michael)