Hi Dave,

I first came across your site yesterday site, I just couldn't believe what I was reading. All of the stories that I clicked on reminded me so much of what we just went through, and it also made me fell so bad for all the owners that have lost their cat too renal failure.

My story starts off with my almost 2 year old kitty, Lilly. I took her in on an emergency visit late 1-31-10, too my wonderful vet that I have used for 16 + years, with obvious pain, originally thinking that it was some kind of broken bone or something. (she is a total klutz...lol) The next day we brought her back in for x-rays, nothing showed up, so it sounded like a pulled muscle, and she prescribed Metacam , .46ml oral. Within the next 3 days, she totally declined, wasn't eating, (then she put her on an appetite inducer) Lilly was acting like she was drunk, so we stopped and she gave her a steroid shot on 2-7-10. Two days later,  2-9-10, she was brought back in for the 5th time, and we discovered that she was in Acute Renal Failure, too my horror. Thinking back, I remember asking her if she was sure that it was ok too use in cats, (since I did read the package, and on the outside it said "For use in dogs only"), and she said it was fine. So needless too say, she spent 4 days in her hospital on IV fluids, and too my shock, she is still with us! I am so glad that I didn't give up on her, and it did take well over a month for her too START too return back too normal, however I am now stuck with a $900 vet bill. I called the manufacturer yesterday, and the lady DID tell me that this is most likely what caused it, and that it hasn't been approved by the FDA in the US, as it should NEVER be, and that some vets prescribe "off-label", even with the risk that this just happens in some cats. (from what I have read, about 50%) I just really, really wish I did do some research on this, or found this site first, just so she would not have had too go through everything she did, but again, I'm just thankful that she's home and safe.

Thank you for reading my rant, and we REALLY need too spread the word! I'm having a talk with her today just so no-one else has too go through this...just imagine if this was a child, even though she's mine ^.^

Vet bills , $900
Emotional Strain for Weeks of Suffering, Unimaginable!
Having her back home in moms arms....PRICELESS!!!

Sincerely  Yours, 
Sodus, NY