My two year old cat had her front claws removed last Wednesday.  I took her home on Thursday only to find that after I put her in my laundry room one of her toes started dripping blood, so I rushed her back to the vet.  They decided to keep her overnight.  Then when I picked her up on Friday they decided to send me home with metacam (even though they didn't on Thursday).  She ate and drank a ton on Friday (most likely because she didn't eat at the vets). I followed the dosage and directions that were given to me.  Sat. she seemed her self for the most part, but that night she threw up several times.  She only ate her treats on Sunday, and then threw up again Sunday night.  At that point we were starting to wonder about the medicine because she was only puking during the night after her dosage.  When I got home on Monday she hadn't puked, but she also hadn't eaten anything all day and didn't drink much.  We called the vet after we read the information packet that was given with the drug which said it was only for dogs and that it shouldn't be administered to the mouth for dogs that are 10 pounds.  The vet assured us that it is used widely with cats and that her reactions were typical for many drugs.  We took her temp which the vet said was fine, and we waited till Tues. morning to drop her off to get checked.  They did a physical in the morning, but neglected to do the bloodwork until 2 for some reason.  By that point she was already in kidney failure.  She's now on an IV and she was able to pee when I visited her, but her level was only 1.015.  We're now hoping that she will make it through.  I would never be able to forgive myself if she dies because of a stupid declaw procedure.  She is the best cat in the world.  She is nice to every cat and dog she meets, never claws, bites, or hisses, she plays fetch and is an amazing pet.  I am angry at the vet for not communicating the information about the drug.  Is there any hope? 

Well, Luna came home yesterday from the vet.  Her numbers went back up to normal, but one was still slightly elevated.  She has to be on the kidney food diet and will need fluid injections every day, but she's alive.  The paw that was wrapped and had the IV is really bothering her.  She won't put weight on it, but the vet didn't seem to worried about it.  So hopefully that will return to normal soon.  We haven't gotten the bill yet, but I'm sure it won't be pretty.  I'm looking forward to seeing the old Luna, I hope she comes back soon.