I just found your site and am now so worried.

I had a rescued siamese from Cats protection, that was very thin and it was not hopeful the Vet had put him on Metcam, I took him off it and he improved very quickly, although my contract with Cats Protection said I should keep him on metacam.  so I took him regularly got the metcam but never gave it to him.

The last few days I put him back on it, luckily only he has only had 2 x 2mg doses but  he can barely walk. I decided to research metacam and found your site, after looking at your site I am now so worried, I have taken him back off metacam. I hope I haven't killed him.  I don't know what to do now. He looks so poorly.  He is drinking loads of water and peeing all the time.



Am not able to call the company as I am in the UK, but I just took my little cat to the Vet.  He is severely dehydrated and they are going to put him on a drip and see if they flush the metacam out of his system.
Apparently this is sometimes all that is needed, so I am hoping he will come through.  I have attached a picture, he is the white one of the 2 in the picture.


The little is not going to survive - his kidneys and liver are too damaged for recovery - I am gutted and wish I had found your site sooner..............................Marilyn