Dear Dave,
I wish I had seen your website last week and then I may not be burying my cat this morning... and spent 4 days crying.  Our cat went to the vets with simple problem, an abscess on his tooth which has bled.  They gave us 5 days worth of Metacam which was supposed to 'ease his pain'... after the 2nd day of taking it, I noticed a decline in my pets appetite, he became extremely depressed and we stopped giving it him.....he was booked in last Monday for his tooth to be removed.. when we picked him up, they hadn't removed his tooth and instead they had 'cleaned his tarter', charged us a small fortune and conducted a blood test as they know suspected kidney problems.
Metacam, I have since read, should NOT be given to cats with kidney problems and despite us telling them that he did urinate a lot and drunk water, they never thought to first check his kidneys.  We are in total mourning as we feel as though we killed our own cat by forcing this painkiller down his throat.... you are very accurate on your website and more people should know.
I am furious at our vets..... and cannot believe we are today, burying Hendrix, who was only 5 years old and a much loved member of our family.
Yours faithfully,