Dear Dave,
Thank you for your work in creating this site.  My veterinarian administered Metacam in conjunction with the spaying and removal of deciduous teeth of my 5 month old kitten who I adore on 7/29.  She also administered a routine vaccination (possible interaction?).  For a week after these procedures, my kitten did not eat and became progessively weaker.  I brought her back to the vet a week later and the vet said she was in kidney failure and recommended euthanasia or hospitalization.  I was in the kind of shock you experience at horrific news or learning of a death.  I insisted that the vet try to save this kitten.  The vet at no time mentioned anything about this drug's relationship to kidney failure, instead blaming my kitten's near-death to some unknown "pre-existing" condition.  This was a classic case of a doctor trying to "bury her mistake."  After two hospitalizations, my kitten is doing much better.  The hospitalizations were at two different hospitals, and not one doctor pointed out the dangers of Metacam.  I found your site in under two minutes.  These doctors should be stripped of their licenses.  They had me obsessing about what could be wrong as an underlying condition of my cat and deeply worried.  This drug should be off the market, or at least have a "black box" warning.  I should have been given a choice about the use of this drug.  Having been stricken by Stevens Johnson syndrome myself as a result of a human drug, I would absolutely have refused to allow the use of Metacam.
I would describe the doctors' dishonesty in this matter as simply sordid.
Thank you again for your efforts.