I am writing to let you know that my 9 year old cat, Minnie, has developed Renal Failure.  She is in the hospital right now receiving IV fluid to flush her system.  This all came about after she hurt herself and began limping.  We took her to the vet, Herbst Veterinary Clinic.  She saw Dr. Travis Nichols.  He gave a shot of Metacam 0.5 mg/ml and sent me home with 0.7 ml once daily.  When I got home, I noticed that the syringes were not only a higher dose than she has had in the past after surgery but the Rx label had my dog’s name on it.  So I called the vet who stated that it was correct but they put the wrong label on it.  I pressed the issue and spoke with the Doctor, who instructed me to that the dosage was fine but to split 0.7ml and give it to her twice a day.  I trusted the doctor…well after treatment of 4 days at that rate, I noticed she stopped eating after completion of treatment.  Alarmed, I took her back to the vet yesterday and CBC confirmed she was in renal failure.

I have since discovered that Dr. Nichols per Dr. Rodenbeck at that clinic, gave her the highest concentration formula.  Rodenbeck even stated that he never would have sent Minnie home with that high of a dosage let alone twice a day regimen.  Needless to say they are picking up the bill. Barely any comfort when I might lose my baby.

I just found out today that the drug (1.5 mg/ml of Metacam) is not approved for use in cats.  Had I know that, I would have never given it to Minnie.

I will keep you posted on her progress.  Thank you for your website too bad it didn’t reach me before this occurred. 

Do you know of any litigation cases in regards to those who were not informed of the so called “off-label” usage?



Updated 1/5/10

Dave ,  

I know it has been awhile but I felt compelled to give you a (hopefully) final update on Minnie.  Our baby is making great strides.   

Like I mentioned before, she spent 4 days in the hospital.  After she came home, she was still refusing to eat so good vet sent us home with Sub-Q fluids to administer 100 mg once a week until gone.   So that was 10 weeks of therapy.  We took her to the back to the vet on 11/27/09 which for her was 13 days without supplemental fluids.  Her kidney levels were low normal range.  We were so pleased.  I use past tense because the trip and the blood draw were so traumatic for her that when she came home, she would not eat her k/d food for 1.5 days.  So I made another trip without her to get one more dose of sub-q.  When I got home she was back to herself eating and playing.  We are keeping the IV bag as instructed just in case.  Hopefully she will not need the supplemental fluids and we are finished with this.  

I wanted you to have this information so that you may share my experience with others.  So if this happens to anymore cats, people will need to know that 10 weeks on sub-q are the way to go after hospitalization.  I am confident in that because Minnie pulled through despite 6 years with AIDS diagnosis.  

On another note, she has developed a slight twitch or tremor in head and neck.  I have done a bit research and this may be complication of AIDS or the kidneys but I don’t think it is that because she is eating so well and drinking normally with normal amounts of output.  I have a call into the good vet.  He has agreed to make house calls since the visit to the office sends Minnie into a downhill spiral (mainly because of her weakened immune system).  I’ll keep you up to date with regards to her kidneys.  

By the way, the good vet agreed to pick up all expenses as it relates to Minnie’s kidneys.  I am just grateful to have my baby back.  

Thank you, again, for being out there.