My 17 year old cat Mitzi was prescribed Metacam by my vet who thought she had bone cancer.  After 1 dose of Metacam, Mitzi was not eating or drinking.  After the second dose, I came home from work to find her sitting with her head hung over the water dish not able to move.  I went to the web to read about the medication and, thankfully, your website was one of the first to come up.  After reading the stories, I immediately took Mitzi back to the vet and her Creatnine and Urea Nitrogen levels were out of this world.  She was kept on an iv drip at the vets office for over 2 weeks.  Thankfully, her numbers came back to within almost normal range.  The vet admitted that the original diagnosis was incorrect and said he was unaware of the dangers of Metacam.  He reported the incident to both Metacam and the FDA and covered the bulk of the cost of her 2 week stay.  However, she has suffered permanent kidney damage and remains on daily sub q fluids.  I am thankful for this website that alerted me to the emergency situation my cat was in.