I had a long hair Siamese about 3 months old.  Took her to the vet who spayed and declawed her on Thursday.  They kept her overnight and my husband picked her up Friday afternoon.  For the surgery, they used metacam injectible as it is shown on my receipt.  Also on my receipt is metacam oral -feline which we brought home when we picked up our cat.  They said to give her .3 ml by mouth once daily for 3 days.  She acted fine Friday when we brought her home and I almost didn't give her the medicine on Saturday morning, but I fully trusted my vet and thought I would go ahead and give it to her Sat., but if she was acting o.k., I wouldn't give it to her again.
I gave her what they prescribed.  We kept her in the bathroom so she wouldn't do any jumping to open the stitches.  About 12:00 she was acting really quiet and just laying around and it continually got worse.  About 10:00 that night I looked at her eyes that had been blue and they were then as green as they had been blue.  At 7:00 am Sunday morning I called the vet.  She said to meet her at the clinic at 10:00.
She checked my baby and said she had no temp, she didn't have any idea why her eyes were green, and said she would keep her and give her an IV and we could probably bring her home that evening.  About 5:00 I got a phone call from the vet's assistant saying they were keeping her overnight again.  I was really worried as I had looked up the medicine and read what it could do.  I asked if she was having kidney failure and really didn't get a straight answer.  Then I received a call from the vet about 8:30 saying one of the people working at the clinic had check on Molly, my cat, and said she had taken a drink and we could probably plan on picking her up Monday and she would call me Monday morning.  I went to work and called their office at 8:00.  The vet said she had some bad news about Molly.  She had died that morning at 7:30.  The vet wanted my permission to send some samples to a patholigist.
I feel terrible over all of this and very guilty as I feel I have contributed to her death by giving her the medicine.
Can you tell me what I need to do regarding this situation.  I have had people tell me the vet should give me another cat, or refund my money, etc.  I do want to report this and who and how do I contact the drug maker?  I also think maybe I should contact the FDA also.  The vet acted like there were no other drugs out there for cats.
I will really appreciate hearing from you.  I know I am far from being the only one after reading all the stories, but I am totally heartbroken and feel like we have lost a member of our family.  
Thank you so much,