hello Dave
My name is Gore  and I lost my beloved cat, "Ms. P" just before Xmas to acute illness which we believe wholeheartedly was brought on by METACAM and even more to the point, a very careless vet.

Thank u very much for your site, it's commendable that u run it. I wish that my partner, Lisa, and I had discovered it prior to November last year. We would not then be devastated by grief.
At this moment in time, we feel we are just in our feelings that the vet in question was unprofessional and incompetent and we are trying to collate information to back this up. We're not getting any help, the 2nd vet we took her to, who did try and save her, was very careful about what he said concerning other veterinary surgerys but did express surprise when we relayed the following to him.
We were relieved to find your site and have gained much information from it and will hopefully use this to make some kind of case/statement in the near future - none of us has ever been involved in anything like approaching a law suit etc but we do feel that we may have a case as far as protocol not being observed and adhered to.

Now it is obvious how you feel about the drug itself and we share those feelings too, but we felt it would be important to get some kind of statement from METACAM themselves and so using the email address that u supplied, worded (VERY CAREFULLY) an account of the story to them - I appreciate that u MAY NOT appreciate our approach to them, but we are desperate to find some justice. Vet 1st then drug company after is our approach. We haven't actually put anything to our solicitor yet, I thought I would "speak" with u first. You have had similar experience and u are clearly dedicated.
Below is the email sent to the manufacturer at the tech service address - i have re sent it 3 times and as of yet have had no reply - about 7 days since first sent to them.

We would dearly welcome your opinion on the matter and any advice, tips, etc u may care to give us too.

I have also enclosed a pic of beautiful "P" and an attachment letter concerning the whole sad experience in more detail - if u have 5 mins in your busy schedule, perhaps u may care to read it.

Thank u for just being there and best wishes to you.


Here is the email sent to Manufacturer

Dear Sir/madam.
could i please request your assistance in helping me with a very important matter concerning the potential misuse of your drug METACAM.

please note that this is a case i am building against my ex-vet from a surgery in England - what this is NOT, is any kind of case against your company or the aforementioned drug. We know that all drugs contain the risk of side effects etc but the matter being established here, is the INAPPROPRIATE USE of the product by a supposed, trained authority rather than the drug or drug manufacturer.

The vet in question saw our cat - a healthy 15yr old moggie, in good shape, on a BARF diet for years with a slight medical record - on October 29Th/08. She had developed a minor limp a few days previous due to an energetic runaround the house and stairs. We were there to simply ask for advice and get a check up and diagnosis.

This is what happened:-

The vet said he suspected a slight "luxation of the left patella".
He asked us for no information about her previous health record, in fact, asked for no information at all. At no point, did he suggest taking any blood tests nor tests of any kind - (our cat had not received any testing of this nature for years) - he did not discuss using any medication with us, nor warn us of any side effects or potential hazards.
What he did do, was to administer a "pain killer" injection without explaining to us exactly what it was ( we later found out it was METACAM). He then advised that an oral dose of 0.5 ML METACAM should be given daily in food there after until the product was finished. The surgery did not have the oral medication in stock and so, we paid for it in advance and i returned to pick it up the next day.
The same vet was there at the time and he asked me how our cat was - i informed him that she was feeling groggy and did not quite seem herself. He responded to this by putting his hands together in a prayer shape and saying "ah well, now we can just pray." Being a German in nationality, i assumed this was just some "foreign idiosyncrasy". I had no understanding of what he meant by this, as far as we were concerned, we were only dealing with a minor limp.

It would seem to us (and to our solicitor) that professional protocol was not adhered to.

He took none of the tests that your product detail suggests.
He did not discuss the possibility of even having these tests.
He administered the drug without informing us of what it was or of any potential side effects.
He prescribed that we follow this with daily oral solutions of Metacam - we have read since, that this is not advised by your company.
He did not take appropriate action nor even advise us after our informing him that our cat seemed groggy and not herself.

Regardless to say, our cat became very ill and ended up in another vet hospital on a course of iv fluids and then subcutaneous fluids due to having extremely high creatinine and bun readings. Very sadly, this emergency treatment was not enough to reverse these symptoms and on December 16Th/08, our cat was euthanized.

We would like you to confirm for us that this vets use of METACAM, in this instance, was careless and inappropriate and his advice on your product was ineffectual - Surely it's this unprofessional misuse that generates bad press for your company and your product.

we are not asking you for any other assistance nor involvement other than to confirm that if METACAM is to be used, for whatever the reason, then the above actions of this vet are not those that your company would condone.

We await your response

yours faithfully.