Hi There,

I would love for my cat, Ozzy's story to be on your website.I hope it
may help prevent another cat from suffering.

I cannot prove that it was Metacam but in my heart I feel that is what
made him take a turn for the worse.My boy was a little off his food and
his nose was stuffy and all the research I did on my own ( I know I am
not a vet) told me the reason he wasn't eating was because he couldn't
smell. Once his nose cleared ( helped by steam in my kitchen) his
appetite picked up a little. However, he was taken to the vets thinking
antiobiotics would help. He was diagnosed with a 'cat cold' given
antibiotic injection, a metacam injection and oral metacam to be given
at home. I will never forgive myself as I didn't take him to the vets my
hubby did and I didn't ask why he was -prescribed this, I presume it was
for anti inflammatory purposes.

2 days later he looked worse, no eating, lots of drinking, lethargic. My
boy was a 4 year old, big black and white Norwegian Forest who loved his
food- it was so out of character. Hubby took him back to the vet. He was
given another metacam injection but no antiobiotics. ( I will forever
wonder why not.)
Looked worse, taken back to the vets and put on a drip. He was now
severely jaundiced, weak and showing abnormal liver signs,difficulty
breathing. Within 24 hours I had to have him put to sleep. I believe the
vet lied to me but I cannot prove it- he said he had taken a chest drain
and he had found fluid and it was FIP. I don't believe he did that
drain- I had a cat die of FIP and it took weeks of tests and you could
feel and see the fluid around his chest and abdomen at the end and that
was when the official FIP diagnosis was given and we ended his life when
he was suffering like this . Ozzy had no visible fluid and nothing
could be felt.I do know that there is also a dry form of this condition,
but I don't believe he had this either.I have now found out that all
Ozzy's symptoms are in line with a metacam overdose and that he should
never have been given metacam as an injection aswell as orally.If I had
the money and the inclination ( I just want him to be left in peace) I
would have a post mortem done to check this FIP diagnosis- in my heart
of hearts I feel it was the metacam.I am not looking for a scapegoat, I
have lost many pets over the years and I haven't looked for alternative
answers other than those given to me by the vet.... but this just did
not feel right at all. Maybe I am wrong and it was FIP but it is just
too much of a coincidence to me and the diagnosis does not feel right.
My big, kind, funny, brave boy is under a tree in a our garden when he
should be running around and being loved by us all. I will forever miss
him and I will wonder if it was my fault for not realising the danger of
metacam.See you on rainbow bridge my Ozzy cat:)

Thanks for reading,
Kind Regards,
Beth (UK)