Hello Dave,
Can you please add Rocky's Story. It has been a year now and just this week Rocky has taken a real turn for the worse. It has been a bad year for us all.


My friend and family member, Rocky, has been in emergency care for renal failure for 5 days. Our Veterinarian prescribed Metacam oral solution for pain. This drug is NOT FOR USE IN CATS!
If your Veterinarian prescribes Metacam for your cat advise them that you will not accept the risk. Tell them to stop using the drug for cats! The use of Metacam oral solution in cats is prohibitive by the FDA and the product manufacturer. There is no safe amount of this drug for use in cats! NONE!
According to the manufacturers product sheet, (
http://www.bi-vetmedica.com/product_sites/METACAMORAL/documents/Metacam_Oral_Susp_rp.pdf) Metacam is not for use in cats and has a narrow margin of safety (also known as therapeutic index) in cats, meaning that there is very little difference between a safe, effective dose and a toxic dose. Repeated doses of Metacam Oral in cats have been known to result in death, as documented in the clinical tests submitted to the FDA.
Veterinarians often may administer a drug in a dose or frequency different from the manufacturers instructions. This practice is termed, off label use. While off label use may be practiced in veterinary medicine, prescribing a drug directly against the label directions is not off label use. It is malpractice.
The use of Metacam in cats will harm them. There is no dispute!
Please help get the word out to all cat owners, pet owners, Veterinarians.