Our vet here in the UK  in January'10 sold Metacam (oral) to my daughters for our cat named Sammy, as he was not eating properly and the vet thought he may have something wrong in his mouth, though no visible signs of infection. At the time of examination of Sammy were not told of any side effects that Metacam may cause and to give 5 mls.
We gave Sammy 5 mls. on the 11.01.2010 and in one to two hours he started having fits we took him back to our vet who did blood tests with one showing a high reading on his liver. As our vet did not admit animals over the weekend we had Sammy hospitalised as quickly as possible by this time he was dehydrating and a scan revealed his liver had enlarged. Sadly Sammy our pet cat for over 14 years passed away on the Monday afternoon.
We are now advising everyone we know who have cats not to use Metacam and if decide to keep a cat in the future we certainly will not allow any vets to use this killer on any animal that we have.
We only wish we had done some ivestigation into this killer drug beforehand and may have saved our cat.
All we want now is for all vets to recognise what Metacam does to cats and stop using it.
Manchester, England