Dear Dave,
my name is Dawn and I have had the unfortunate experience of giving my cat Metacam for a sore back and joints,
The vet gave me the Metacam and on reading the insert which said not to be used in cats ,I called him only to be told that it it has been used off label in Canada.
I gave him the 5kg dose for 10 days. After which Sasha was in renal failure. He went on a drip and when I questioned the vet he told me that it could not have been the Metacam. He did a sonar scan and said that the cat had Lymphoma of the kidneys. He stayed on the drip for 6 days and I had read PB'S story which has greatly encouraged me. I have taken Sasha for a second opinion to a physician who has ruled out Lymphoma , but has said that there have been kidney changes due to old age. Sasha is 15 years old.
I am force feeding him as he does not want to eat on his own. He has had a bit of water to drink on his own. I take him outside for a walk every day and he seems to be getting better every day. He was nauseous today so I took him for a clopamon injection and some cutaneous fluids.
It has only been 3 weeks since the incident .
Your story keeps me going. Can you give me an indication of what to look for , and how long before you think his appetite will come back.?
Any advice from you would be great.
many thanks

Dear  Dave,

just an update. Last week Sasha started eating on his own. I am so grateful.He has lost a lot of weight so I need to fatten him up. But the best news ...  today I took him to the Physician for a check up. His blood tests came back almost normal....
I would like to   thank you for your website, your advice and encouragement. If it were not for  your website I would not have a good report today.
once again a BIG THANK YOU.
God bless you and P.B.
take care
Dawn and Sasha


Update 10/12/09

Hi Dave,
I have horrible news. Sasha went to heaven on Thurs. He was not responding to drip and diuretic therapy.
I am so upset.. How I wish I could turn the clock back. I should maybe have continued with sub-cut therapy, but the vet gave him a clean bill of health at the last visit and we were told to see him in 6 months.
Oh how I wish I had never given him the Metacam.
Anyhow , I have to accept what has happened and go on.  Thanks once again for all your help.
God bless take care