Hi Meredith, Dave, Marti and everyone who is concerned,
I too have a Metacam story that began a few weeks ago.

The story is about our boy Shorty the “boss man” of our 4 cat family. Shorty is  a 7 years old red short haired Tabby. We named him Shorty because he was born with a stubby tail. We’ve raised Shorty from being a playful 8 week old kitten to a 15 lb package of mature and loving cat. Five years ago Shorty was diagnosed to be FIV positive, so ever since then we’ve been especially protective of his environment and EVERYTHING he does. I must say, that before the FIV diagnosis Shorty was allowed outside for 1-2 hours daily. After the diagnosis and ever since he’s been strictly a house cat.

About 2 months ago Shorty started limping. He avoided putting any weight on his left front paw. He had difficulty climbing up on the couch or chairs (his favorite place to sleep), and once here was there he didn’t want to jump down. Apparently he was suffering quite a bit of pain. He just about abandoned the couch and secluded himself under our bed, choosing to spend the entire day there.

Around the beginning of Dec. we took Shorty to our vets where they did a very thorough check-up, but couldn’t find anything definite. She did suspect a beginning of arthritis and recommended Cosequin. This is a Joint Health Supplement in powder form which we mix in his food.

After about a month of Cosequin (he gets two capsules per day) we noticed a minimal improvement, so on Tues. 1-11-10 we took him back to the vets. After another thorough check-up she recommended Metacam. She did tell us that it was especially formulated for dogs and told us to administer it daily for one week.

Just as with Marti who reported on 1-5-10 (Zoe’s Story) she advised us to administer it on a full stomach for 7 days.  She told us to watch for diarrhea and/or vomiting and to call if any of those problems occurred.  No additional information about the possible side effects of Metacam were offered.

After the second dose we did notice that the limping, although still noticeable, was very minimal, obviously showing a sign of improvement. This mirrors what Marti reported: “The doctor mentioned that she would begin using the paw while still on the medication because it was an anti-inflammatory and pain killer.”

So far so good. We thought we were winning the battle until today (1-14-10) when I decided to search the internet to look for some info on Metacam. Yours was the first website that came up with my search.

After reading a lot of the horror stories of other cats and their “can openers” I again have to quote Marti: “I was shocked, alarmed, appalled and horrified when I read the countless stories of cats being harmed by Metacam.” Needless to say I chucked the Metacam in the trash.

We’ll be observing Shorty and his behavior in the coming days watching for any of the signs and or symptoms of Acute Renal Failure. So far he’s been behaving normal, eating is favorite dry food and drinking adequate quantities of water. His deposits in the litter box appear to be normal also, so lets kept our fingers crossed.

We want to thank all of the contributors to this website and extend our sympathies to those of you who have suffered. Hopefully you and your experiences helped save us from the same ill fate. Still in all, this is another Horror Story.

Bob, Carmen and Shorty