Hello  I am writing to you to let you know that we had to euthanize our 8.5 year old baby Spider just yesterday.  On December 5th we took him to his vet.  He had a fever of 104.  He was given Cefa drops and we were told he needed his teeth cleaned and some possible extractions.  They did a blood profile and his creantine was 1.6.  He took the antibiotics and his fever did go away, however he never did get back to his old self.  He would not eat much and looked quite ill.  The vet suggested he was in pain and prescribed him Metacam drops. I was assured that it was ok for cats in the proper dose and for a short period of time.  He did take the Metacam and it did seem to help with his pain.  He began to play again.  On December 16th they prescribe him some more Metacam to prepare for his dental that was to take place on December 18th.  While he was there the took his blood again and on December 18th I took him in for his dental.  They informed me that he has acute renal fever.  His creantine was over 10 and the hope of recovery was slim.  I did not want to see my sweetie suffer any longer and decided to let him go to heaven.   I told the vet at that time that I believed that the Metacam caused my kitty's death and they continued to say it was safe!  I just wanted to share this with someone who knows how we feel. 

We are obviously changing vets for other 3 cats and I will make sure everyone I know that has cats is aware of the danger.
-Laura & Michael 
  Wolfie, Chewie and Bo