It's 3AM as I write this. Our beloved cat of 12 years, Spike, just passed away about 30 minutes ago after suffering terribly and crying for the past few hours. My wife was on the phone with an emergency animal hospital as he took his last breaths. Spike had a cyst/tumor on his ear that would ooze blood. He was tested for cancer and infection and they were ruled out. We were just trying to keep the cyst/tumor clean and manageable. The vet put him on Metacam for pain and Clindamycin Hydrochloride drops as his health wasn't improving. He would stay hidden in the dark basement for long periods of time since July 31st. This past week, and specifically the past few days, Spike had gotten weaker and could barely eat and stopped urinating. Tonight was horrible, watching him cry in agony. We gave him more Metacam hoping it would relieve the pain until morning. We started to panic as the night went on as he seemed to be in agony. I googled Metacam and was stunned by what I read. I firmly believe that my cat had renal failure from the daily doses of Metacam, and my wife and I feel guilty that we were somehow partially responsible for his death. He showed all of the symptoms listed on your site. My wife is uncontrollably sobbing and when the kids wake up we have to tell them. Spike was a pretty healthy cat that shouldn't have died at 12. I truly believe Metacam contributed to his death and feel guilty that he suffered.