Dear Dave:
Thank you for your time and your site.
My sister had her cat euthanized yesterday (Feb 4, 2009) because he suddenly became ill. He suffered a sudden and mysterious case of renal failure.  This was a perfectly healthy, normal cat.  She had taken him to the vet a few weeks back to have a fractured foot repaired and was given Metacam for pain.  She was told to administer the medication every 3 days, which she did do, to help him. 
This morning I saw the bottle of Metcam on the bathroom countertop and moved it out of sight.  Something made me pick it up and look at it again.....I stared at it, memorized the name of the product and promised to look it up when I got to work this morning.  I did that and I found your site.
Needless to say, I am angry and devastated because if what your site says it true, it was the Metacam that killed him.   Unfortunately, we have had the cat (Thomas) cremated so now there is no body to examine to prove what exactly caused the kidneys to fail.  Ironically, Thomas was almost identical to the cat in the picture on your site.
I feel certain now, having read your site, that Metacam took his life.  He was perfectly healthy prior to that. I wish I would've thought to look this up BEFORE we started giving Thomas the Metacam.  Unfortunately, we trusted the vets at the animal hospital.    Are vets even aware of the danger of giving Metacam to cats?
I am not sure if there is any legal recourse in this matter?  How do we get the word out? 
Thank you for your time.