I found Tiny sick, small, hungry, abandoned and near death at a gas station.  I fell in love with her at first sight.  Although I knew that I didn't have the extra money to spend fixing her up (getting rid of fleas and worms and such) I took her anyway.  I couldn't leave her there, and from then on we became best friends.  She is my everything.  She is the most wonderful kitten I have ever encountered.  She seemed to thank me everyday for saving her, I could tell in her eyes and the way she meowed back to me when I talked to her that she loved me and much as love her.  She slept with me every night, curled up right next to me, when I would move, she would follow.  She was always with me, she even liked to go for car rides and see new sights and meet new people.  She knew her name, and came when called, but usually didn't let you forget it, and begged for a treat.  She loved special kitty milk and fish, and a soft blanket to lay on.  She was amazing. 

Tiny was an indoor cat, but when she started to go in to heat, I knew it was time to get her fixed.  I had just moved to the area, so  I didn't have a vet that I knew and trusted, but I had found one previously for her de-worming and flea control, so I decided to use them again for her spay.  Biggest mistake of my life.  They told me it was a little bit more expensive because she was in heat, and because they REQUIRED you to buy pain meds.  So I dropped my baby off in the morning and entrusted her life with the only veterinarian that I knew, an I hate myself everyday for that.  I picked Tiny up in the evening (with her extra pain meds in hand) and brought her home.  I tried to give her her favorite wet food, but she wouldn't eat it,  I thought this might be normal. The next day she still wouldn't eat, and was drinking a lot of water and throwing up.  I have two other cats, so I definitely knew this wasn't normal, all the while I was giving her her pain medicine.  She continued to get worse.  She was just laying in the corner of my bedroom breathing really hard, sweating, and vomiting frequently.  After three days of this I grew extremely alarmed.  I called the vet and explained to them what was happening, and asked if it could be the pain medication?  They said there is no possible way it was the medication because they use that kind all the time (I feel so bad for all of the other that have gone there as well.)  So I discontinued it anyway cause I wasn't buying their cop-out story.  I looked at her treatment papers from surgery and noticed that they had given her three different shots of metacam and I was supposed to be giving it to her twice a day orally.  I as alarmed with how much they had given her pre and post op, and grew even more suspicious.  I looked metacam up online and that is when I discovered this website and many others warning of the extreme dangers of this killer drug. I flew into full panic mode, I hate myself for actually giving her a few doses of that stuff.  I hate myself everyday for doing that to her. 

I called a different emergency vet after I discovered this information and brought her in right away.  They did some tests and discovered that she was dehydrated (a sign of metacam poisoning) and her liver and kidneys were in full failure.  They said that she probably wouldn't live until the next day, and that is when my world stopped turning.  They said that the only thing on my side was that I had brought her in early (day three it was.) I asked them if her liver and kidney failure was because of the metacam, and they said yes.  They said they don't use it ever because of the risk involved. They told me that if for some slight chance she lived (they gave her a 5% chance of survival) that she would have permanent damage and have to be on fluids for the rest of her life.  They had me say my goodbyes to her, which was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life and I left her.  They kept her on IV fluids for the weekend, they were closed but still there monitoring patients.

After a torturous weekend of wondering and hoping, Monday morning rolled around and they called.  They were stunned, she had lived through the weekend.  I don't think that i have ever been so happy in my life.  I rushed to the vet, where they delivered more good news, they expected NO permanent damage.  They said that she was nothing short of a miracle and to cherish her forever someone was looking out for her. 

...And this I have done.  NOt a day goes by that I don't remember what she went through.  Thousands of dollars I spent on Tiny's treatment, but it doesn't matter.    She's alive, and a miracle, and I am blessed. 

Many others haven't been so fotunate and this makes me so sad and mad at the company and vets that use metacam. DO NOT USE METACAM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!  IT IS NOT APPROVED BY THE FDA FOR CATS ORALLY. TELL YOUR VETS NO METACAM!!!!!